1-2-Switch will have a sequel on Nintendo Switch, according to a well-known leaker

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1-2-Switch was one of the launch games of Nintendo Switchbuilt practically to demonstrate the potential of Joy-Con, but from a purely playful point of view it did not manage to offer much, not reaching the glories of the old Wii Sports, however it seems that there is a later in developmentas reported by the well-known insider Zippo.

The source in question has proved to be quite reliable in the past, while often remaining vague, so let’s try to take it into consideration even if we must always consider everything as a simple rumor.

1-2-Switch, one of the crazy challenges of the game

The matter also seems rather strange, considering that five years have passed since the release of the game and it would not seem there are the conditions to consolidate the franchise, but it must still have made some good sales.

“1-2-Switch is one of the most forgettable and least interesting games I’ve ever played, yet it will have a following for some reason. It sold well, I suppose?” This is what Zippo wrote on his blog, from which correct advances have arrived in the past.

In fact, 1-2-Switch is among Nintendo’s many million sellers, having scored 3.18 million copies sold on Nintendo Switch, rather far from the major successes of the console but still with a very satisfactory result, especially in the face of production costs, probably.

On the other hand, even the well-known insider Emily Rogers had referred to a “casual game” soon to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, of which she is curious to see the reception, which could actually refer to the sequel in question. In the meantime, we have seen the release dates of many Switch games confirmed by Nintendo in recent days, with the console that according to the company is still in the middle of its life cycle.

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