90s / 00s video game commercials: collection shows how sexualized and embarrassing they were

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A 90s commercial, do you understand what had to be done in the game?

Recently on the Reset Era forum some users started collecting video game advertising of the 90s and 2000s that could be found printed in the most famous magazines of the sector. As easily noticeable even without being a connoisseur of the subject, many were strongly sexualized and, in many cases, downright embarrassing, although they are an interesting historical document (with hindsight).

Some advertisements of Sega and Nintendo in particular they were very explicit, such as that of the Game Boy Advance, in which a boy and a girl appeared naked in an unmade bed with the slogan that read: “The second best thing you can do in the dark.“Even more explicit was an earlier Game Boy commercial, which featured a girl dressed in sexy lingerie tied to a bed, looking in horror at her partner as he played on the handheld console. The slogan was” The new Game Boy pocket – A strong distraction.

Another ad, in this case of Tomb Raider III, showed a blonde girl dressed as Lara Croft walking into a bedroom winking at her boyfriend, visible semi-naked and horny in a mirror. “Are you sure you want me to wear these clothes?“, said the slogan.

However, there are many more feasible examples, including half-naked women dissatisfied because their man plays with a console instead of having sex with them, sexy girls catching giant fish under the slogan: “Size matters“and consoles that are coupled under the astonished gaze of a boy, complete with slogans”Oh yes, faster, faster!“. Who knows why similar advertisements are no longer made nowadays …

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