A Plague Tale: Requiem will boast much improved gameplay, says the game director

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The gameplay Of A Plague Tale: Requiem it will turn out substantially improved compared to the first episode of the series: the game director of the game, Kevin Choteau, revealed it to the microphones of the PlayStation Blog.

A few days ago a video diary dedicated to the gameplay of A Plague Tale: Requiem introduced some of the novelty which we will find in the awaited sequel developed by Asobo Studio, which apparently has treasured the mistakes made with Innocence.

“When we started Requiem, the idea was to take whatever we did wrong or failed with in the first game and try to fix those mistakes,” Choteau explained. “We read all the feedback from players and critics and tried to do something about it.”

“The first and most pressing thing to improve was the gameplay. Innocence was quite limited, with only one way to approach a situation, and we wanted to solve this problem. We created much larger areas where you can play however you want. was crucial to how the levels are designed. Now you can play Plague Tale any way you want.”

“When you arrive in a situation, you often see it from above or from a clear point of view, so that you can understand what the scenario is and how it can evolve. What actions to choose, whether you want to go this way or that, or go after this cart, etc.”

“We have established rules, and these rules are always true. Once you learn them, you can use them in any situation. For example, like in the first game, if you see a metal object you can use it to distract enemies. In Requiem there is also a kind of greenish tar that can be used against enemies.”

“These things and these opportunities appeal to the player by communicating ‘You can use it, and if you go in this direction you’ll have this available to you.’ It makes this broader approach work.”

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