Abandoned, Hideo Kojima denies his involvement with the game

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There is Hideo Kojima behind Abandoned? It is a theory that has been held up for months and from which BlueBox Studio and Hasan Kahraman have taken undoubted advantage in promotional terms, but the Japanese game designer he denied being involved in game development.

He did so in the last episode of his podcast, the same one in which he addressed the rumors regarding the exclusivity of Death Stranding 2 for Google Stadia. In short, it was a moment in which Kojima took a few pebbles off his shoe.

“People keep sending me pictures of this Hasan,” the author said. “They give me these collages and photomontages, at least twenty a day, and it’s become a real pain.”

“When we did that Moby Dick thing, you[Geoff Keighley, Ed]were involved in the whole project and it was a lot of fun, but people should know that I wouldn’t do the same thing again.”

The reference in this case is to the bizarre reveal of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which as you will remember was carried out by a masked Kojima and under a false name: the reason why many believed the same was happening with Abandoned.

“I’ve never talked to Hasan and the game hasn’t been released yet. I don’t think there’s much he can do or say at this point. .”

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