Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick owns companies with which he finances Republicans

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Bobby KotickCEO of Activision Blizzardapparently owns some society who used to finance the Republicans and their campaigns in the United States.

Determined to get $ 375 million in severance pay from Microsoft, Kotick allegedly donated $ 500,000 to a fund through Norgate LLC during the 2020 election, while another company called 807080A LLC also reported large sums.

The recipient of these contributions is the Senate Leadership Fund, a group led by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. The origin of the donations was identified through the sharing of specific mailboxes.

“Over the past five years, Mr. Kotick has contributed roughly the same amount to Democrats and Republicans,” said a statement from CEO spokesman Mark Herr. “His donations are focused on specific candidates and causes in support of war veterans and their reintegration.”

“The contributions of Mr. Kotick and the Call of Duty Foundation, which he co-chairs, are intended to ensure all veterans have employment opportunities that pay off the sacrifices they have made in their service.”

According to the research carried out so far, however, it seems that Kotick has donated money to both jokes, but his most important contributions have been earmarked for the benefit of the Republican party.

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