Activision Blizzard had considered merging with EA, for Bobby Kotick

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The Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said one merger with EA was almost under consideration prior to the acquisition by Microsoft.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Kotick explains how an agreement with Electronic Arts was almost considered as a response to the internal needs of the company, which needed “thousands of people to be able to execute our production plans”. However, as we now know Activision-Blizzard was instead acquired by Microsoft (although the final confirmation will come in months and months)

A mosaic of EA games

IT’S ATHowever, it is not seen by Activision as the best solution. “I think even if we had consolidated within EA, this would not have given us what we need in the future,” explains Kotick, “and therefore it was necessary to have a great partner to be able to achieve that future.”

Despite not making a deal with Activision-Blizzard, it seems EA is set to be acquired by some company, at least according to one. Financial Times report. Google, Amazon, or even Netflix could be aiming to buy a company like Electronic Arts, for its large catalog of games.

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