Activision has patented a system that generates music in games based on the user

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activision has patented a procedural system that generate music in the games differently according to the user and the situations, using machine learning for this purpose.

While the acquisition of Activision is being discussed, with the CMA having raised various doubts about it, the publisher of franchises such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Overwatch continues to develop products and concepts regardless of what its future will be.

In this case the patent speaks of a technology that would in fact replace the contribution of human composers, creating from scratch music capable of effectively accompanying what happens on the screen.

The system will take into consideration many variables: from the player’s skill level and his experience to the events he has witnessed, from his reactions to the inputs produced and to the movements made in these situations.

The result will be “mood” music, adapted to what happens in the game but somehow tailored to the user, to the point of improving his experience by making certain sequences more engaging.

Clearly it will be necessary to touch this technology first hand to understand if and how effective it will be.

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