Amazon: manager steals PC components and sends them home, arrested

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Douglas Wright Jr, an operations manager for Amazon aged 27, he pleaded guilty to stealing further $ 273,000 worth of PC hardware from an Amazon warehouse in Charlotte.

There goods it was stolen from June 2020 to September 2021: during this time, Wright used his special access to Amazon to steal PC components including CPUs, GPUs and storage devices. The US Department of Justice reports that Wright shipped the items from Amazon’s warehouse to his home address (not a smart choice, it must be said) and then sold them to a California-based wholesaler.

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The DOJ report reads: “According to the plea deal documents and today’s hearing, from June 2020 to September 2021, Wright ran a scheme to defraud Amazon by stealing merchandise worth more than $ 273,000 from the company’s warehouse. Over the course of the scheme, Wright was employed as Operation’s Manager at Amazon’s Charlotte warehouse. ”

“Court records show that Wright abused his access to the company’s computers to target certain merchandise, particularly computer parts such as internal hard drives, processors, and graphics processing units, and shipped those items from the warehouse to the his home address. As Wright admitted in court today, he then sold the stolen merchandise for profit to a computer wholesaler in California. “

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