Amazon offers: Xiaomi monitor 1440p, 60 Hz, 27 inches at a discount

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The Amazon offers today allow us to buy a monitor Xiamoi Mi 27-inch in 1440p and 60 Hz. The discount reported is about 11 €, but the actual price in the last period was higher.

The Amazon page reports in fact that the price previous product was € 335, but in reality the monitor in the last period cost much more, up to € 500. Since mid-January, this Xiaomi monitor has dropped in price on a regular basis every few days, now reaching around € 324. This TUV certified monitor offers a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440. It is a 60Hz IPS screen with HDR support.

We also point out that the Telegram Channel dedicated to offers is available. Follow it to be always updated on the latest offers selected by our editorial staff!

Xiaomi 27 inch monitor

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