Aperture Desk Job is Valve’s new game for Steam Deck, set in the world of Portal

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Aperture Desk Job it’s a new one valve game just announced, which will be released on March 1, 2022. It is a completely free title, which serves to accompany the launch of the Steam Deck. This is a short adventure with simulation elements, which requires a controller to play.

Let’s see the Aperture Desk Job announcement trailer:

Interestingly, Aperture Desk Job is set in the Portal universe, as the title suggests. However, Valve is keen to specify that it is not Portal 3.

Let’s see some images of Aperture Desk Job:

Let’s read the official description of the game:

Aperture Desk Job breathes new life into the hackneyed walking simulator genre and places it in the energetic, endorphin-laden world of sitting behind a desk.

Step into the shoes of a very low-level employee on his first day at work, with a heart full of hope and legs full of dreams, ready to climb the corporate hierarchy. But life has other plans for you, and they all have to do with the seats.

Designed as a short playable demo for Valve’s new Steam Deck, Desk Job explains the device’s controls and features, without being downright boring as the name might suggest.

It’s not Portal 3!

Lower your expectations – it’s not a Portal sequel. Now get ready to turn them up slightly – this demo is set in the expanded universe of those games. Desk Job puts you directly in the driver’s seat of Aperture Science. He then quickly removes the guide part and adds a bench in front of the seat.

Steam Deck: a test bed for your hands

Until now, real life mostly involved sitting, and video games were the virtual fantasy world you could take refuge in. With the Steam Deck portable device all that has changed and you can now run marathons and jump from airplanes while your brain and hands simulate what you did while seated.

It’s FREE (free)!

Put your wallet away, passionate gamer! Money is not needed here. For this particular product. However, if your money no longer works while you try to shop, you should contact your bank immediately, because the cashier just stole your identity! You better go talk to her again, because what does it mean she has never worked here ?! Now you have to go undercover as a hacker on the darkest web to hunt her down! Only to find it was your counterpart from a different timeline? !! Was it from the future?!?! And if anyone in Hollywood is reading this, please take it out of your wallet, because this great idea isn’t free (but it’s on sale at buyagreatscreenplay@valvesoftware.com)

Apparently, despite being conceived for Steam Deck, Aperture Desk Job will also be compatible with normal PCs, although it will necessarily require a controller for playing.

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