Apex Legends Mobile postponed due to war in Ukraine

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Respawn Entertainment has revised the schedule for launch Of Apex Legends Mobile due to current “world events”, making obvious reference to war in Ukrainedeciding to postpone the release of the game, albeit slightly, for the territories participating in the program.

However, this is not yet the final launch, given that Apex Legends Mobile will probably follow a progressive release program with the annexation of various other countries after a first limited launch in style. soft launch. In any case, the release has been moved slightly: Apex Legends Mobile will arrive on March 7, 2022 according to what is reported, or next week, but only in some countries participating in the first trial.

On that day, Apex Legends Mobile will be available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia, with additional villages which will be introduced progressively starting from that date and in further phases.

Mobile gaming is also reportedly it will not have cross-play with the consoles and the PC, therefore it is a separate title, designed specifically for mobile platforms and which will remain confined to this area. Meanwhile, in the past few days we have seen minimum requirements and supported iOS and Android smartphones.

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