Apple, VR / AR viewer: tests completed, release confirmed in 2022?

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It seems that Apple has completed productive tests on his chat VR / AR viewerwhich means that the hypothesis of a ‘exit of the device during the 2022 would actually be plausible. Is this the way it will go?

It is not the first time that the viewer is released in 2022, indeed: several analysts have expressed themselves in favor of this launch period, such as Ming-Chi Kuo last November, and it is clear that in this case the company could arrange one soon presentation official.

Tests conducted by Apple have determined that the headset complies with i qualitative criteria to which we are well accustomed, and the news relating to their conclusion comes from reliable sources, located within the production chain.

Apple, a render of the VR / AR headset

The well-known semiconductor crisis, which has been going on for some time now but has not yet been resolved, could possibly slow down the Cupertino house’s projects. Assembling the viewer in these conditions will not be easy.

We are also talking about a device very expensivethere are even rumors of a price of 3,000 dollars but of a technology that would justify these figures thanks to an 8K display and an ultralight design.

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