Arcane: Grusha_cos and win_winry’s double cosplay of Vi and Caitlyn is memorable

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Arcane continues to stimulate the imagination and provide material for the inspiration of various cosplayers, thanks to the rich and interesting cast that characterizes the series, as evidenced by this double Vi and Caitlyn cosplay from grusha_cos and win_winry.

On the other hand, relying on a game like League of Legendswhich counts on a roster of dozens of characters constantly enriched, deepened and balanced over the years, the production of Netflix has already started from very interesting foundations, on which it has managed to build a story of excellent level.

In this case, the double cosplay in question investigates a story that is hinted at in the course of the animated series Arcane, even if not deepened that much: the relationship between Vi and Caitlyn, which kicks off during the narrative arc staged in the first season but then remains awaiting further insights, with both taken by the events that upset Piltover and their personal world.

The fandom obviously he has already been unleashed in this regard and this double interpretation of grusha_cos and win_winry fits perfectly into these ruminations, to tell the truth quite imaginative: the two characters are represented by few elements, that is above all hair and some somatic characteristics, but the rest is more than anything else a free reconstruction of the cosplayers in question, which give life to a very pleasant picture.

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