Arcane, Jinx cosplay from Shirogane-sama is armed and dangerous

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Shirogane-sama continues to express their passion for Arcanethe animated series based on League of Legends, and we see it this time in a new one cosplay Of Jinx in armed version.

After the spectacular Jinx cosplay video, Shirogane-sama has decided to make the most of this interpretation in order to represent on the screen all the emotions of the famous character, and in our opinion she is succeeding very well.

The quality is excellent as usual: detailed costume, faithful hairstyle, perfect makeup and in this case also some big accessories to complete a slap-up job, then finished through the inevitable post-production.

“As I have already told you, for me it is really a joy to be able to play Jinx because it is a character capable of expressing a wide range of emotions,” wrote Shirogane in her post on Instagram.

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