Are Hideo Kojima, Elle Fanning and Geoff Keighly planning for The Game Awards?

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Hideo Kojima shared via Twitter a photograph in which he is portrayed in front of a screen where we can see Elle Fanning and Geoff Keighley. The three are perhaps organizing themselves for the The Game Awards?

As we know, Elle Fanning she is one of the actresses who will play a character in Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game. Officially we do not know what game it is about her and which character she will receive the features of the woman, but according to some hypotheses of the fans it could be Death Stranding 2 and Fanning could play an adult version of Lou, the infant Sam carries around throughout the game.

It’s just about speculations, for now, but the certainty is that something is brewing at Kojima Productions. Considering that the company has kicked off a promotional campaign and that there are still some mysteries to unravel, it is expected that a real presentation will be on the way at some point. A good moment would be The Game Awards in December 2022: the presence of Geoff Keighley in a video call between Kojima and Elle Fanning seems to support this hypothesis.

Self Elle Fanning should she be an important character (and maybe even the protagonist) of Kojima’s new game, it would be natural for her to present the game on stage at The Game Awards. For now it’s speculation, but we know that Kojima loves to sow advances. Even the fact that he’s wearing a shirt with a doll that represents a newborn seems to recall Death Stranding, reinforcing the idea that it is precisely the sequel to that game.

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