Ashwalkers on Nintendo Switch, a trailer reveals the release date

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Ashwalkers will arrive shortly also on Nintendo Switchas the trailer published by Nameless XIII: the date of exit of the game on the Japanese hybrid console is set for 10 March.

Available on Steam since last April, Ashwalkers is a survival characterized by a very particular graphic style, monochromatic, in which we will find ourselves embarking on “an adventurous journey into a merciless world, without rules or judgment.”

“When faced with moral dilemmas, only your choices will matter. Manage your equipment, food, and party members to orient yourself in a non-linear storytelling simulation with 34 possible endings“, reads the official synopsis of the title.

Among the strengths of Ashwalkers undoubtedly stands out non-linear narrativewith choices and crossroads that can lead to different epilogues (thirty-four, as mentioned) and a multifaceted management system to control the physical and mental health of our characters.

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