Atari Lynx: some games of the beloved and ill-fated portable console published on Steam

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The English publisher Pixel Games UKspecialized in publishing old games from the 80s and 90s on PC, is releasing some titles from the catalog of Atari Lynx on Steam at really affordable prices.

THE first two titles available are the action Electrocop by Epyx, in which you play an armored policeman who has to save the daughter of the American president locked up in a fortress made up of walls that look like integrated cards; and the racing game Checkered Flag, developed by Atari itself. In the coming days, the vertical scrolling shooter Zarlor Mercenary, the horizontal scrolling shooter Gates of Zendocon and Blue Lightning, an aircraft shooter that cloned SEGA’s After Burner without much mystery, will be released.

A screenshot from Electro Cop

The price of the first two titles is really accessible, given that we are talking about €3.29 each (€2.96 on the introductory offer). We imagine that the next releases will also have the same price.

It’s unclear if Pixel Games UK will release any more games originally released on the Atari Lynx in the future, although retro gaming enthusiasts should still keep an eye out for this label, as a collection of games from the little-known Philips Videopac G7000 is on the way. which could prove to be a discovery.

Pixel Games UK’s New Releases page on Steam

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