Atomic Heart: preload available on Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass, here are the dimensions

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The preload of the version Xbox Series X|S and One Of Atomic Heart it is now available for all those who have pre-purchased it or are subscribed to the Game Pass, in order to arrive ready for day one.

The confirmation comes from the reporting of the GamePass Counter profile, from which we also learn that the dimensions of Atomic Heart are of good 78.66GBtherefore above the average, albeit not by much.

On PC instead at the moment it seems that the prealod is not available. We checked through the Game Pass and it is only possible to perform a small pre-download of about ten MB, waiting for the full one. In any case, the official system requirements speak of about 90GB of space for storage, so we assume that the size will be similar or slightly larger than the Xbox version.

Atomic Heart will be available from February 21, 2023, also for PS5 and PS4. A few days ago we saw a video presenting the gameplay of Mundfish’s long-awaited first person shooter, while in January we published our tried Atomic Heart, waiting to get our hands on the full version.

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