Attack on Titan: mk_ays’ cosplay of Mikasa is splendid

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Let’s go back to the parts of The attack of the Giants with another one Mikasa Ackerman cosplayin this case interpreted by mk_ays through a truly remarkable reconstruction of the character, in the classic style of the Russian model.

Mikasa, in this case, is mainly reproduced through the costume and hair of the cosplayer, since in the photos proposed in this page you do not see the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Device, that is the typical equipment of the Reconnaissance Army and in general of those who fight against the Giants.

In the typical style of mk_ays, the cosplay in question is based above all on a perfect reconstruction of the dress, on the use of the inevitable wig that incorporates Mikasa’s helmet with a rebel front tuft and above all with the wonderful features of the model, who somehow always manage to adapt in a fascinating way to all the characters chosen.

Red neck scarf and the team’s signature leather jacket, mk_ays’ Mikasa is perhaps too pretty compared to the original character, but we can’t complain anyway. The photo is also accompanied by one playful description about what would happen if the model really had to deal with an attack from the giants, which would probably end before she could even put on the right equipment.

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