Attack on Titan: Shirogane-Sama’s Mikasa cosplay is a perfect replica

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The anime de The attack of the Giants is inexorably nearing its conclusion, with the final episodes of the second half of the Final Season going to air on Crunchyroll. Today we propose the Mikasa Ackerman cosplay signed Shirogane-samareally very faithful to the original character.

One of the elements that decreed the success of Attack on Titan is undoubtedly the large and multifaceted cast of characters invented by Hajime Isayama. Among these of course is Mikasa, who we have come to know well over the years, seeing her become a phenomenal and unstoppable fighter over time, especially when it comes to protecting the people she loves.

Shirogane-Sama in the past has made numerous works of excellent workmanship and once again has definitely hit the mark, creating a cosplay of Mikasa Ackerman of the highest quality. The army uniform is treated in every detail and obviously the iconic red scarf, so dear to the girl, cannot be missing, as well as a practically perfect replica of the three-dimensional maneuvering device.

Staying on the theme of anime and manga, we recommend the cosplay of Camie Utsushi from My Hero Academia signed by Tayvix.

What do you think of the Mikasa Ackerman cosplay from The Attack of the Giants made by Shirogane-sama?

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