Avalanche works on the biggest and most important game so far from the writers of Mad Max

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Avalanche Studio Group is a rather large company that has worked on several major titles in the past such as Mad Max and Just Cause, but apparently it is developing now what is considered the biggest and most important game never done by the Swedish firm, based on job advertisements.

Obviously the definitions used in the announcements must always be calibrated on the desire to promote the projects in development, but the idea that derives in particular from the search announcements for an Animation Programmer and an Art Director, is still very suggestive. We speak of a “avant-garde open world and triple A” from Avalanche Studios, seeking personnel with experience in “action adventure” and “open world” gameplay.

Logically, these characteristics should be associated with the new project in question, as well as the possibility that it is set in “various natural and urban scenarios”, with an eye to the creation of detailed and complexly composed settings.

The description could also be associated with the Just Cause itself, but also with a possible Mad Max 2, a title that had appeared in recent days within the rumors, which could also be supported by these job advertisements. We also remember that Avalanche is also collaborating with Xbox Game Studios for the development of Contraband, a new action game announced for PC and Xbox Series X | S with a particular setting between the 70s and smugglers.

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