Avatar The Last Airbender: an RPG and a MMORPG in development on the series?

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Avatar: The Last Airbender could have well two video games in development by teams not yet identified, more precisely an RPG and a MMORPG related to the famous Paramount series, awaiting any confirmations.

This would be part of the new videogame productions focused on Avatar, which for the rest should also include a mobile game by Square Enix and also “at least one other game”, according to what is reported by the AvatarNews website specialized on the series in question, who, however, does not specify the sources from which he would have drawn this information “exclusively”.

We therefore look forward to any information on this new RPG and the alleged MMOPRG on Avatar: The Last Airbender. These are reportedly games that have been in development for some time but kept secret so far, however theirs exit shouldn’t be far at this point.

So, the idea is that the presentation of both should take place shortly, even if at the moment it is just a rumor. The RPG and the MMORPG should also count on the support of original voices of the animated series, therefore with the involvement of actors and voice actors linked to historical characters.

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