Babylon’s Fall: demo coming, release date and first free Battle Pass

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Babylon’s Fall was the protagonist of a third dedicated presentation livestream by PlatinumGames, from which various information on the game emerged, including the release date of a demo and also the fact that the first Battle Pass will be distributed for free for everyone.

Babylon’s Fall demo will be available on February 25, 2022the development team announced, allowing you to experience four-player online multiplayer from the start of the game, with the inclusion of the tutorial.

Babylon’s Fall, an image of the game

Demo saves can then be carried over to the full game, should you decide to purchase it.

Battle passes for Babylon’s Fall have also been announced, which will run quarterly. New battle passes will be introduced every three months that will be both free and paid, but the first Battle Pass, titled “Eternal Tower” and belonging to Season 1 of the game, it will be free for everyone, including the Premium component, which is normally available for a fee.

As per standard, Babylon’s Fall battle passes allow you to obtain Battle Points by completing various objectives and missions in sequence following the order imposed by the game event, thus allowing you to progress and obtain special rewards. For the rest, we saw that Babylon’s Fall went gold last month, after showing itself in a new trailer to celebrate 2022.

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