Babylon’s Fall, on PS5 and PS4 the download size is really small

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The size of the download Of Babylon’s Fall on PS5 and PS4 they are really small, it seems: the game takes up just 9.84 GB on the new Sony console and 15.6 GB on the former flagship.

Released March 3, Babylon’s Fall is the latest game developed by PlatinumGames: a guarantee of quality, except that the feelings surrounding the project have progressively worsened in recent times.

The news relating to the size of the title may therefore not be positive, indeed testify to one lack of content which could be added to the critical issues that we reported in our Babylon’s Fall trial.

Of course, a positive fact emerges in any case from this information: the compression system Of PlayStation 5 proves once again to be really efficient, practically halving the footprint of the installation.

For all other considerations on the quality of Babylon’s Fall, as mentioned, we will have to wait a few more days: the game will be available from March 3 in the PC, PS5 and PS4 versions.

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