Babylon’s Fall x Nier Automata, crossover and other content in Season 1 of the game

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Babylon’s Fall already has one Season 1 well established, with numerous contents and events arriving in the first period after the game’s release, including an interesting one crossover with Nier Automata which will bring some characters and elements into the new online action RPG.

As summarized in the image below, Babylon’s Fall Season 1 content is slated for release from 25 February to 31 May 2022including updates, expansions and various events, with the collaboration linked to Nier: Automata scheduled for March 29 within a limited-time event, so we will have to be online in those days to take part.

Babylon’s Fall, the contents coming with Season 1

It starts on February 25 with the release of Version 1.0.0 of Babylon’s Fall, containing the Battle Pass “The Eternal Ziggurat” which, as a special launch offer, also includes the free Battle Pass Premium, while in subsequent seasons the Premium will be a payment.

On 7 March it will be the turn of Version 1.0.1, which will introduce the Duels mode, thus enriching the types of games available within the initial offer. Version 1.1.0 will arrive on March 22 with a big profile update, which will bring new content and various improvements to Babylon’s Fall, including the new Molzamite faction, the new weapon type Labrys and the new “Refine” feature for use in-game. There will also be a story expansion with Resurgence, the new Gauntlet mode and new bosses with added quests.

March 29, as reported above, will be the time of the limited-time event in collaboration with Nier Automata, while version 1.1.1 is scheduled for April 26, containing new expansions for the story and other content coming soon.

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