Baldur’s Gate 3: with patch 7 comes a new class, the barbarians

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During the last streaming dedicated to Baldur’s Gate 3the now traditional “Panel From Hell”, Larian Studios announced that with the patch 7called “Absolute Frenzy”, will be introduced a new class, that of barbarians.

With patch 7, the barbarians arrive

Of course it is a playable class, moreover among those most loved by Dungeons & Dragons players. Patch 7 will however also introduce other characteristicslike the improvised weapons, which bring the game closer to the launch of version 1.0, that of exit from early access.

Among the novelties of patch 7 also stand out the fog of war, which obscures the areas not visited, and the improvements of the Darkvision and the detection of light and shadow, which go to affect in a decisive way the stealth mechanics.

Also noteworthy is the refurbishment of theuser interface, which is now clearer and easier to use. Many improvements also in the filmed sequences: more than 700 have been retouched, with new animations, improvements for the characters and changes in the rhythms, to the delight of lovers of storytelling.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long for the new patch, since it is available from today, both on PC and on Stadia.

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