Bandai Namco has revamped the Time Crisis and Steel Gunner brands

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Bandai Namco has renewed the brands Time Crisis And Steel Gunner, immediately making one think of some related project arriving on the market. The new registration includes “arcade video game machines” and “registered gaming software”, as well as services such as online gaming.

Time Crisis is a rail shooter

The renewal of the brand does not specify whether there is also a relaunch planned, perhaps some remastered edition from the old chapters, but we’ll see. Steel Gunner was Namco’s first game with lightgunlaunched in 1990 in arcades and was soon joined by a sequel.

Time Crisis 5 was the last chapter to hit the market. It dates back to March 2015 and is the latest Bandai Namco game to use the light gun. The last title in the series to be released on consoles was Time Crisis: Razing Storm in 2010, which saw the light of day on PS3.

If so, it wouldn’t be the first time that Bandai Namco has recovered its classic franchise. Just recently we were able to play a collection of remastered versions of Klonoa, while the re-releases of classics such as Pac-Man are countless.

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