Bastard !! The Dark God Destroyer, the trailer for the Netflix series

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Bastard !! The Dark God Destroyer is the title of the series animated taken from the famous manga by Kazushi Hagiwara, arriving in the course of 2022 on Netflix and shown today with the first trailer.

While filming begins on the One Piece live action series, here is another great classic of Japanese comics is about to make its debut on the streaming platform, with a reduction that we are really curious to see.

Yes, because as fans of Bastard !!the manga of Hagiwara has changed skin and tone several times during its serialization, giving life to a complicated plot that maybe the anime will try to make it somehow coherent.

It will be clearly interesting to understand also how the sexual themes and the wide fanservice present in the original work will be managed, which however also seem to peep out in this trailer. Here is the official synopsis.

Bastard !!, the protagonist of the series: Dark Schneider

Four hundred years after the fall of modern civilization, the world is dominated by a chaos of swords and magic. Under the leadership of the almighty four kings, the Dark Rebel Army continues to expand its power as it attempts to control the world by resurrecting the god of destruction Anthrasax.

he kingdom of Meta-Likana in the center of the Continent is attacked by the magician under the command of the Army and to save him Tiara Nort Yoko (the daughter of the high priest) must decide whether to resurrect the ancient great magician who once wanted to rule the world, but who is now imprisoned in the body of his childhood friend Rusie Renren.

Only a virgin’s kiss can undo the spell. With the threat of imminent danger, Yoko brushes Rusie’s lips with hers and in that moment a dark and powerful energy spreads through the air. The legendary wizard Dark Schneider, the most powerful, wild and fascinating character of all, returns to life!

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