Battlefield 2042: EA also blames Halo Infinite, cited as one of the reasons for the failure

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Battlefield 2042 it definitely did not go as EA hoped, at least in its first phase on the market, so much so that even the executives of the publisher admit that it was a failure and between causes of the disaster they cite Halo Infinite and Covid, as well as various internal problems, but it is interesting to see the view of EA managers on the issue.

Various Electronic Arts managers held meetings in which they analyzed the issue, also pointing out the causes seen as triggers for the problems that emerged in Battlefield 2042, among which there are also issues external to the company. Laura Miele, EA’s Chief Studios Officerled a recent discussion on the problems that emerged with the game, which has “failed to meet the expectations of the players and clearly also those of EA”.

Battlefield 2042, a screenshot from the game

According to Miele, among the reasons that may have caused this situation there are problems related to the use of Frostbite Engine and the technical issues related to the need to evolve it during the development of Battlefield 2042, but also external issues such as the Covid pandemic, which clearly had its impact on the works, as well as on the development of all video games in general, in this period.

However, particularly curious is the fact that one of the causes of the failure of Battlefield 2042 for EA is Halo Infinite: the release of the multiplayer in advance of the release date of the game’s campaign 343 Industries took EA somewhat by surprise, especially because Halo Infinite’s multiplayer proved itself right away very clean and in working order in terms of gameplay, compared to that of Battlefield 2042.

This generated “unfavorable comparisons because Halo Infinite proved to be a very clean title while Battlefield 2042 contained several bugs and was unfinished in appearance, “explained Miele with remarkable sincerity, although the argument turns out to be rather bizarre in an internal meeting. Meanwhile, the petition with the refund request from users exceeding 100,000 signatures, while the 3.3 update was postponed for a month, the quality was not enough.

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