Battlefield 2042, EA has never mentioned it in the last call with investors

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Battlefield 2042 it is not never been named from IT’S AT during the last call with investorsthat relating to the results obtained by the company during the first fiscal quarter.

Although Battlefield 2042 has surpassed Halo Infinite on Steam with the debut of Season 1, apparently the DICE shooter has not yet recovered enough ground nor is it currently one of the most representative productions for the company.

Moreover, it seems that investors also have everything ignored the gameavoiding asking any questions about the state it is currently in and any future developments, which as we know are part of Electronic Arts’ strategy.

The name of Battlefield 2042 only appeared in one slide, confirming that the project is still alivebut beyond this no one seems to have had the need to talk about it.

That said, the news came a few days ago that Season 2 of Battlefield 2042 will also include only one new map.

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