Battlefield 2042: ex-DICE ironically wonders if there was game quality control

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L’ex-DICE David Goldfarb, who was lead designer of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, criticized the launch of Battlefield 2042wondering on Twitter if there was a minimum quality control.

Goldfarb: “I just watched @StodehTV’s Battlefield 2042 issue analysis, without having played it or seen any video before. Guys, I have a few questions about the product.

Having illustrated a few design issues of the game, both in terms of gameplay and graphics, Goldfarb wondered: “Was there no one to check the quality? Who thought this experience honored that Battlefield sandbox and gave it the green light? I am amazed that there have been so many missteps, despite knowing how the top can be obstacles.

In fact, the question of the quality of Battlefield 2042 is not only asked by Goldfarb, but many gamers, especially those who now would like to be reimbursed for the cost of the game, due to the desertification of the servers. However this story is very unedifying. Who knows if DICE will be able to save Battlefield 2042 from meltdown.

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