Bayonetta 3: The launch trailer reminds us that it is now available on the Nintendo Switch

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The official YouTube channel of Nintendo Italy has released the launch trailer Of Bayonet 3reminding all players that from today the new PlatinumGames action is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch in physical and digital format.

The video introduces players to the story of the new chapter, in which the witch Cereza and the new character Viola, will have to join forces to face a multiverse threat. There is also room for sequences dedicated to fights, even in this spectacular and over the top chapter.

In this regard, among the novelties of Bayonetta 3 there is the Demonic Mimesis, a technique that allows you to channel the power of the weapon demon to create spectacular moves and combos. You can also summon your favorite demons, such as Gomorrah, Malphas and Phantasmaraneae, to unleash their infernal powers in the heat of a fight or in new, colossal battles in which you can directly control them.

PlatinumGames’ latest effort was warmly received by critics, who awarded Bayonetta 3 with very high marks. We too praised the game in our Bayonetta 3 review, where Aligi Comandini states:

Bayonetta 3 is the most crystalline explanation of the silence of PlatinumGames in recent years that one could wish for: it is clearly an “all-in”, a video game created by consuming every possible idea and resource to reach the maximum limit of a specific series. And the incredible thing is that, despite such a plan could go terribly wrong, Platinum managed to carry it out not only by creating one of the best action ever made, but also the most excessive and unpredictable Bayonetta imaginable. Of course, their creature is not perfect, it presents some clear imbalances and at times its follies can make the experience a bit chaotic… conceiving a more spectacular and successful sequel than this one was, however, almost impossible in our opinion, and we believe seriously that it’s the best closure a fan of the witch with glasses could wish for. Hats off, the Platinums are as alive as ever.

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