Beyond Good & Evil 2 still in pre-production after five years of development, due to a rumor

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 would still be in pre-productionafter about five years of developmentat least according to an indiscretion coming from the development team, collected by the journalist Jason Schreier as part of a long report on the secret projects of Ubisoft, published in these hours on Bloomberg.

Things are not looking good for the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil, which seems to be unable to find the right place. In fact, five years of pre-production is a long time and it means that the development team is unable to better define the project. The exit from the company of Michel Ancelauthor of the original and first director of the new chapter, must have made the situation even worse.

It’s hard to say what Beyond Good & Evil 2’s fate might be at this point. The only certainty is that after the announcement and after the first months of open communication with the fans, a chilling silence fell over the entire project that does not bode well.

Of course it is always worth specifying that we are thinking about a rumor. However, the fact that it was brought back by Schreier, someone who does not usually publish things at random, makes it quite heavy.

Ubisoft did not comment on the news on its own, merely saying that it has an exceptional line-up of titles in the works and coming in the next few years.

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