Bioshock 4: development is troubled and 2K is not satisfied with the results, for a leaker

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Apparently the development of Bioshock 4 is in a state troubled, with around 40 developers, including some key figures in the project, who have left Cloud Chamber or been fired. At least that’s what leaker Oops Leaks said on Twitter.

According to its sources, Deep Throat claims that at the moment 2K is not satisfied the pace at which the project is taking shape and the results achieved so far. However, considering Take-Two’s latest financial data, Bioshock 4 is still slated to come out by the end of 2024.

Of the approximately 40 developers who have left the studio, some apparently spontaneously quit in search of other job opportunities, while others have been fired for various reasons. Oops Leaks says the situation is not critical or irrecoverable, however, with the studio already in place hiring new developers who can support the team. However, the game announcement may be delayed as a result of initial plans.

Work on Bioshock 4 was announced in 2019. At the moment we know that development has been entrusted to Cloud Chamber, which has some veteran developers of the series among its ranks. According to some rumors of the past months, the game will be set in the 60s in a fictional city located in Antarctica.

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