Black Myth: Wukong, a video diary with cats in motion capture

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Black Myth: Wukong returns to show itself in videothis time with a clearly playful behind-the-scenes tone in which the development team, played by some actors, says they used cats for the motion capture.

In short, we are talking about one in all respects parody that the Game Science guys had the idea of ​​doing in conjunction with the Chinese New Year to joke about the current difficulties of the studio, which is really struggling with motion capture but is not having pleasant moments trying to make it work properly.

In the latest preview of Black Myth: Wukong we talked about how interesting this is soulslike promises very well, both on the technical and artistic level as on that of the gameplay.

In short, the expectations are high, cats or not, but we still need to have a little patience considering that even today Game Science is hiring personnel for development and that theexit of the game will not happen before 2023.

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