Blade Runner 2099: TV series confirmed by Amazon Prime Video, produced by Ridley Scott

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Blade Runner will have a TV series which will be a sequel to the original and subsequent Blade Runner 2049, produced by Amazon Prime Video in collaboration with Ridley Scott and titled, according to some sources, Blade Runner 2099.

Ridley Scott himself had previously reported the existence of a Blade Runner TV series, but now the matter becomes official with the confirmation of the project reported by Amazon Prime Video to Deadline, a newspaper that also reports other names at work on this a production that appears to be of considerable caliber, with the direct involvement of the director of the film original, Ridley Scott.

Silka Luisa, showrunner of the Shining Girls series for Apple TV +, will serve as writer and executive producer of Blade Runner 2099, with Alcon Entertainment, Scott Free Productions and Amazon Studios producing. It will be a live action TV series, or with real actors, but there is still no information on the possible cast.

It will be the first live action TV series for Blade Runner, which had previously only received an anime series adaptation with Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and considering the caliber of the franchise it appears to be a high-profile production, which we look forward to. further information.

Similarly, on the video game front, we are also waiting for updates on Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, which in recent months had been postponed to a later date.

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