Blizzard hires for a new game based on an already known series, perhaps an RPG

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Blizzard has several projects in the works, but one in particular has emerged that looks like it not having been announcedlinked to a already known series and for which the company is hiring staff, whose characteristics seem to tend towardsRPG.

Among job advertisements in fact, Blizzard speaks of a “project not yet announced” for which, among others, a Lead Content Designer is sought, able to “blend engaging gameplay with a narrative that helps create game areas, quests, characters and dialogues “, for this title not announced but belonging to” a well-established Blizzard intellectual property “.

In the announcement, mention is often made of the RPG and the features that emerge seem to point to an RPG or some derivation of this: we talk about “creating quests, points of interest and characters in a shared world”, but it is required also “experience in creating campaigns on RPG pen and paper or live action RPG”, as well as a generic “passion for role-playing games (tabletop or computer)“as a specific request for the candidate.

Obviously these features can be associated with different Blizzard brands, such as Diablo, Warcraft or even StarCraft. Considering that it is a project not yet announced, it could concern the latter two, but it could also have to do with that Warcraft Mobile that has not been explicitly presented but whose existence has been confirmed by Blizzard for the near future.

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