Bloodborne PSX: A video shows the 1.05 update, which adds the split screen

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Bloodborne PSX continues to grow and withupdate 1.05 gets a feature much awaited by the community: the ability to play cooperatively through split screen. The novelty was shown in an explanatory video, which you can find at the head of the news.

As clearly visible from the movie, to activate the split screen just go to the options and start the “Local co-op” mode. This way you can play in two by sharing the same screen. Of course, the use of two controllers is recommended.

Bloodborne PSX is a demake by Bloodborne for PS4 rethought as if it were a game for the first PlayStation. At the launch it got a lot of visibility for the goodness of the realization and for the name it carries with it. Of course it is an independent project, released from FromSoftware and completely free, therefore not for profit. Update 1.05 is also free, as was easily foreseen.

If you are interested, you can download it from, where you will find other videos and images. It is important to note that Bloodborne PSX is meant to be played with a standard controller from the first PlayStation. For this reason, the rotation of the cameras is entrusted to the back buttons and not to the analog stick.

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