Bookclub: Gabriella will be on Twitch today to talk about the Macabre horror series

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There are not only video games on On our channel Twitchin fact, it comes back Bookstore, the weekly appointment dedicated to books! Starting at 3 pm we will talk about the Macabre horror necklace published by Sperling.

We often love to go “off topic” on our pages. We do it with some films, certain technological topics, but sometimes also with books. Do you remember what they are? Those parallelepipeds made of paper (unless you have an ebook) in which wonderful stories and information are contained … or frightening, as on this occasion.

From 3 pm Gabriella awaits you on our Twitch channel with a Bookstore dedicated to a necklace not suitable for the faint of heart: we are talking about Sperling’s Macabre horror series. What are the favorite books of Gabriella and her guests? What are the most popular passages? And the more macabre ones? Find out with us on Twitch (find the player at the top of this news or in our pages) and let us know in the comments, see you later!

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