Borderlands 3: game and entire franchise sales revealed, success is huge

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Through the recent financial report of Embracer, we were able to discover a series of interesting information related to the Gearbox shooter saga. Let’s talk about Borderlands sales figures and also, in particular, of Borderlands 3.

Precisely, we got to discover that Borderlands 3 has sold a total of 15 million units over two years, obviously helping with discounts, offers and re-releases and keeping the game at the center of attention thanks to the regular release of new expansions and content.

One of the characters and one of the enemies of Borderlands 3

Also, we could read that the saga as a wholehas sold 74 million copies, making it the third best-selling franchise of Take-Two (parent company of the publisher of Borderlands) and one of the best-selling ones of Embracer, which we remember bought Gearbox.

Even if 15 million is a considerable figure, it must be said that Borderlands 2 is much higher and this goal seems difficult to achieve for the moment: the second numbered chapter is in fact at 26 million copies, which makes it the best-selling game of 2K Games (publisher of the game).

We also know that Epic Games Store earned 14 million in just one day thanks to Borderlands 3.

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