Boy calls the police because his father denies him video games

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Yesterday afternoon the agents of the police of the state police station of Spoleto intervened to report a domestic quarrel between father and sonwith the latter claiming to have been shot in the hand after being reprimanded for spending too much time on video games instead of studying.

“My father tells me that I don’t study and I only think about videogames. He also has me hit in the hand“, this is the statement made by the young man when he requested the intervention of the police on 113 around 18 yesterday. It therefore seemed a case of domestic violence, but upon their arrival the agents noticed that the boy did not show any signs of violence or a hand injury.

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The boy later confessed to having lied about the alleged blow he received from his father. The latter, on the other hand, explained to the police that he had repeatedly reprimanded his son because he spends too much time on video games, neglecting the study.

The man claims that the boy has a habit of playing late into the night, forcing him as a countermeasure deactivate the wi-fi line in the evening hours. A solution that apparently did not lead to great results, given that the boy, explains his father, always manages to find a way to reconnect to the network.

The agents of the Commissariat of Spoleto, after trying to make the boy understand the importance of studying, have it scolded to behave more respectfully towards the father and to request the intervention of the police only when it is actually needed.

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