Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights, gameplay trailer and 3 million players

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Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights has already scored 3 million players in Japan and Square Enix has seen fit to celebrate this great success with a new one trailer of the gameplay.

Announced for iOS and Android last July, Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights promises to bring the experience of the famous jRPG to mobile devices as part of a freemium production, therefore downloadable for free.

The video emphasizes the visual quality of the game and the presence of the traditional turn-based combat systemwhich in the case of the Bravely Default series is enriched by a whole series of additional elements.

Unfortunately there isn’t one yet exit date official for the title in the west: having launched on January 27 in Japan, however, we imagine we can get our hands on it before the end of the year.

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