Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 does not allow you to log back in after a logout and the fans are not happy

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The players of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 are complaining via Reddit that the battle royale currently forbids players to re-enter in matches after conceding a disconnection.

Players point out that Apex Legends and PUBG Battlegrounds allow players to rejoin mid-game following crashes or connection problems, while Warzone does not allow it. The issue is particularly annoying for DMZ players, who claim to lose “a lot of loot” without being able to rejoin the session.

“Not allowing players to rejoin mid-game is a major setback for both Warzone and DMZ,” wrote one user. “That terrible choice – I really hope it wasn’t intentional and is just something less important on the to-do list, because heck, a game that crashes so badly should let you re-enter the game if you log out. Not to mention DMZ, a game mode in which you must use the acquired loot […]losing it to a game crash is just plain annoying – both DMZ and Warzone need a reconnect feature ASAP!”.

“I immediately crashed four times and it is practically impossible to play. In PUBG it is possible to reconnect. I had to stop playing [perché] it was wasting my time. A huge fail on their part,” u/WallSauceMan wrote.

PUBG, Apex and Tarkov they all have this feature,” added u/Zethx. “With the amount of crashes WZ1 had that seem to carry over to Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, why hasn’t Infinity Ward worked to add this feature? Tarkov is 1/10th the size of Infinity Ward and they did it without a problem. Really annoying.”

Not all players agree with this line of thought, however: some have pointed out that a reconnect feature would be abused by players who might purposely go offline shortly before being killed, then safely rejoin the match.

In general, players are not happy with Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, which is bombarded with negative reviews on Steam and Metacritic.

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