Call of Duty Zombies free-to-play and stand alone coming in 2023, for a leaker

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Call of Duty Zombies will debut in 2023 with an experience stand alone And free-to-playaccording to what was suggested on social media by a leaker considered fairly reliable up to now.

The rumor would be compatible with Bloomberg reports that the 2023 Call of Duty episode would have been postponed and the series could therefore opt for a every two years in place of the current setting, reports actually partially denied by Activision.

If there isn’t a new chapter in the franchise coming out next year, the launch of a free-to-play spin-off focused on Zombie mode it could actually serve the purpose of maintaining a strong presence of the brand among its many fans.

Moreover, what the leaker reported would not be in contrast with the statements of the publisher, who spoke precisely of premium and free-to-play productions linked to call of Duty coming this year and next.

Clearly it is still very early to be able to hope for an officialization: we will at least have to wait for the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, confirmed a few days ago, for this to happen.

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