Capcom: launched a countdown for a new game

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The Japanese publisher Capcom launched a online countdown for the announcement of a new game, as you understand the address of the site on which it was published: At the time of writing this news there are seven days and seven hours to go until time runs out. Unfortunately, the site itself has no visible clues as to what it might be hiding. The only interesting detail is that the deadline is set with the start of the Street Fighter tournament. Is Street Fighter 6 finally announced?

The Capcom countdown

Otherwise, there appear to be some shaded objects in the background, but it could just be the graphic design of the page. However they are indecipherable and currently do not give any clues. For the rest, the page shows nothing but the countdown, so there is little to speculate.

Looking at the Capcom series, the teaser site could hide anything, considering we’re talking about a publisher with decades of experience and intellectual property behind it. Among the most eligible announcements there is certainly that of Resident Evil 4 Remake, which has been rumored for months now, but let’s not take it for granted, because Capcom could surprise us with surprise titles like Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection.

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