CEO Michael Mumbauer leaves the That’s No Moon team, 7 months after founding it

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Michael Mumbauerex-PlayStation, had founded the new team That’s No Moon last July taking on the role of CEO, but he has abandoned the leadership of the studio and the company itself in these days, therefore a few months after the start of the new adventure.

In the past few hours, Mumbauer reported on LinkedIn that he left That’s No Moon to follow new opportunities work not yet specified, thanking all colleagues and reporting that the project in development is still continuing its path very well and can’t wait to try the game once it is complete.

The team is still unknown, having not completed any projects since its foundation last July 2021, but it is an interesting study even just looking at the curriculum vitae of the members: in addition to Mumbauer, now no longer at the helm of the team, who was head of the Visual Arts Group of PlayStation, we find Tina Kowalewski (chief strategy officer, currently EVP and member of Giant Squid, as well as former director of product development at Sony Santa Monica Studio ), Nick Kononelos (COO, former senior development director of EA), Barry Genova (CTO, former foundation engineering lead of Bungie) and George Allison (CFO, former head of finance for the Global Services Division of PlayStation).

In short, there is a team of veterans within That’s No Moon, which is based in Los Angeles and San Diego and intends to reach a staff of 100 employees by this year, thanks also to a strong investment of 100 million. dollars part of the Korean publisher Smilegate.

We know the team is working on a triple A single player game But of which nothing has yet been announced except that it is an adventure of some kind and that it aims to be a big game. Mumbauer’s departure is certainly strange given that it is a founder and CEO who leaves the company after just 7 months, but we are waiting to see if it could have repercussions on the team. We saw a similar case only a few days ago with the departure of Sebastien Puel from Haven Studios, the new team of Jade Raymond.

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