Chainsaw Man, Makima’s cosplay from min_mmu hypnotizes with his gaze

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Chainsaw Man continues to gain acclaim among the manga/anime of the moment, which obviously is also reflected in the cosplayer field, which has always been the litmus test of the success of the series, as demonstrated by this Makima cosplay from min_mmuwhich really seems able to hypnotize with a look.

In case you haven’t discovered it yet, the manga written by Tatsuki Fujimoto depicts a world where the fears of humans come to life in the form of demons of various kinds. Within this chaotic and disturbing reality, Makima is an officer specializing in the hunt for “devils”, therefore a fighter specialized, expert and glacial, who somehow becomes attached to the protagonist Denji, appreciating his ability to take down creatures, in collaboration with the Devil Chainsaw.

However, she soon reveals her true nature as a ruthless and calculating woman who sees other human beings solely as a means to her own ends. This also includes Denji, practically subjugated by the charm and charisma of the woman. L’interpretation by min_mmu perfectly reproduces the character of Makima with her coldness and great charm, but in particular the creation of the eyes is surprising, obtained using contact lenses, perhaps too showy.

In fact, they mirror those designed in the manga and anime for Makima, with the strange configuration of concentric circles that give it an even more subtle and dominant appearance, but seen this way it has a decidedly stranger effect.

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