CK72: price and features of the new Cooler Master keyboard

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Here are all the details on the new Cooler Master keyboard, CK72: let’s see the price and technical characteristics.

Cooler Master announced the official launch of CK721, a wireless mechanical keyboard designed for both everyday office use and gaming. CK721 will be available on the Italian market from mid-March 2022 at a recommended retail price of 129 € VAT included.

“At first we envisioned the CK721 as an extremely performing workhorse, but one that has evolved into something that is so much more,” he says. Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager. “With its sleek design, full functionality and a long-lasting shell, the CK721 is one of the most stunning keyboards we’ve ever produced.”

CK721 is available in two versions:

  • Space gray with black key covers
  • Silver with white key covers

Let’s see all the features of the CK721 keyboard.

Hybrid Wireless Tech

CK721 can be used both in wired and wireless mode: you can choose between wired type C or wireless connectivity: 2.4 GHz, or Bluetooth 5.1 (within a range of 10 meters).

In mode BluetoothCK721 allows users to pair 3 distinct profiles with 3 different devices, allowing for smooth transition between them.

The removable type-C cable and the wireless hybrid design allow you to choose a wired or wireless configuration to suit your needs. This “hybrid” wireless technology makes the CK721 a versatile “work and play” keyboard.

3-way Customizable Dial

The 3-way precision dial offers the full audio and volume control multimedia content and LED backlighting with a single rotation or a simple press of the wheel, customizable through the MasterPlus + software.

Design and comfort

CK721 is designed with aaesthetics simple and clean and with a long service life. It features a premium removable sandblasted aluminum top cover that is easily removable for future cleaning and customization, ergonomic key covers and a 65% size layout.

CK721 is equipped with a soft palm rest made of low friction fabric. It also features two-step adjustable keyboard feet, which allow you to set the keyboard at three different angles.

CK721 uses mechanical switches Durable TTCs, guaranteed for over 50 million keystrokes.

Universal compatibility

CK721 is compatible with virtually every modern device, starting with Windows 8 and above, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. And for maximum convenience, you can easily switch between devices with the push of a button.

Long battery life

Equipped with a 2000 mAh battery, the CK721 offers up to 73 hours of use when connected via Bluetooth and up to 14 hours when connected via 2.4 GHz wireless (with LEDs off).

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