Cowboy Bebop: Faye Valentine’s cosplay from tayvix takes us into orbit

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The transformation of Cowboy Bebop in live action TV series on Netflix has not convinced much, compared to the levels reached by the original in the anime version, and more to the latter this refers Faye cosplay from tayvixin an evident spatial scenario.

The model therefore works more with nostalgia, recalling the beloved more directly souls by Shinichiro Watanabe, which remains a source material deeply felt by enthusiasts and also difficult to translate according to different codes. Perhaps also for this reason, most of the cosplay looks above all at the original, with the bounty hunter reprising her role as sex symbol of the anime world in the late 90s and 2000s, with her charm largely unchanged. .

The Faye Valentine reproduced by tayvix therefore seems to come out of the anime drawn by Sunrise and directed by Watanabe, represented here in a scene at theinterior of the Bebop, apparently. As per tradition, she is an arrogant and opportunistic girl, not recommended even for a series of bad habits, but definitely more complex than she might seem.

Her behaviors are often defense mechanisms that allow her to survive in a world in which, as she often says, she cannot trust anyone, often resorting to seduction to achieve goals, but not without a certain sarcasm.

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