Crossfire: Legion: demo available at Steam Next Fest, with the third faction just announced

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Prime Matter and Smilegate have announced the availability of a new one demo Of Crossfire: Legion, published on the occasion of the Steam Next Fest. Lets try the third factionannounced just in the past few hours: New Horizon.

Crossfire: Legion is a real-time strategy game set in the Crossfire universe, one of the most played first person shooters in the world. The Steam Next Fest demo offers three maps among other things. Let’s read more details taken from the official press release.

Battle across three challenging maps in different locations, choose one of three factions and take control of their commander!

Fans of the game already know two of the factions, but today they will meet the third faction – New Horizon – a global syndicate of companies intent on transcending the limits of humanity through the advancement, implementation and integration of AI.

In addition to New Horizon the other factions are:
Global Risk – a mercenary organization commissioned by world governments to resolve global cases and disputes while maintaining control over the planet’s resources.
Black List – a group of separatist mercenaries and secret members disillusioned with the corrupt policies of Global Risk.

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